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Business in Armenia (Yereven)

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Capital: Yerevan
Population: 3 667 000
Currency: Dram (AMD)
President:Mr. Serzh Sargsyan

Company registration in Armenia:

Main company registration legal acts:

Company registration in Armenia is mainly regulated by the Civil Code of Armenia Republic (May, 05 1998); Law «On Registration and Register of legal entities» (April, 03 2001); Law «On foreign investments» (July, 31 1994).

Main forms of business presence:

Limited liability company (LLC); Joint stock company (JCS); General partnership; Limited partnership; Representative/Branch office

Minimum Charter capital for company registration:

Minimum charter of Limited liability company is not established.

Services for company registration:

  • Company name checking procedure and its registration;
  • Preparation of consituent documents;
  • Registration of legal entity in tax and registration authorities;
  • Taxpayer’s ID registration and registration of the Book of Orders;
  • Ordering and receipt of the seal and employment record book;
  • Opening of the accumulative/current accounts.

Preliminary information necessary for company registration*:

  • Company’s name (3 variants);
  • Legal address of the company in Armenia (we may provide you with it upon request) and contact telephone;
  • Information about Participants (Shareholders) and Managing director (passport data, visas etc.);
  • The size of charter capital of the company and methods of its contribution;
  • Types of activity;
  • Choice of bank, where accumulative/current accounts will be opened.

*All documents is necessary to present in advance in order to translate them into Armenian language. Our company retains the right to ask for additional documents. All documents have to be notarized by appropriate local authorities and legalised by the Armenian Embassy in the country of Participants (Shareholders) or in accordance with Hague Convention (1961) must bear Apostille, issued by the approporiate state agency after the notarisation on each document.

Presence of participants during company registration:

There is no necessity for Participants (Shareholders) to be present in Armenia during the company registration procedure. We prepare the Power of Attorney for each of the Participant.

General term of company registration: app. 10 working days