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On-line consultancy

On-line consultancy is the service, where you can appoint on-line meeting with our specialists and receive on-line consultation.

The advantages of on-line consultancy is in the possibility to call free  to our company from foreign countries with use of Skype system (, use ICQ or even to have a video session, with which you can get acquainted with our specialists, to appraise their ability to solve your problem.

We provide the following services:

  1. Free conversation with purposes of getting acquainted with us and receiving general information. 
  2. Paid consultations, where you can receive on-line answers to your questions from any part of the World without leaving your office. Such consultations can be paid by personal/corporate credit card.

In order to use this service, please, feel free to arrange the appointment via passing us a special Request and the secretary will contact you by mail for time and duration of consultation in accordance with our time-table for consultation.

We are always pleased to talk with you and to help you with your urgent questions.





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