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Russia: Procedure for legal address check has been toughened

The coming year 2016 is preparing complication of procedure for the change of registered address for all economic entities, the procedure becomes two-stage. At the first stage the owners issue a decision to change the location, within three days the head of the company passes the application on entry of the data that it was decided to change the location to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (EGRUL). Then in 20 days the set of documents for the change of legal address itself is filed.
Whereas in the current year 2015 the entrepreneurs are being mentally prepared for the new rules: they face toughening of legal address check both in the course of initial registration and during the change of the location. The fact is that the procedure for the check of authenticity of legal addresses has been launched in registering inspections of Federal Tax Service. According to this procedure the registering body sends electronic request for the check of the authenticity of the address to the territorial inspection on which territory the address is located. Decision on registration or refusal of the registering body is based on the response of the territorial inspection.
What does it mean in practice? If you submit a guarantee letter for a doubtful address from the owner you may highly likely get a refusal to register. Thus, if you decide to change the address of the company, please, do not rely on copies of title certificates, check the original certificate of title to real property which you want to use as the legal address.

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