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Choice of the Bank


Choice of the Bank

Before the registration procedure of the new company starts, it is necessary to choose the bank, which satisfy all your needs and demands. There are no simple recommendations regarding choice of bank, because all have different requirements. Asusual, businessmenconsiderthefollowingrequirements:

  1. Stability and good reputation of the bank;
  2. Presence of professional bank employees and individual approach;
  3. Costs for the services;
  4. Rapidity of making operations;
  5. Simplicity and reliability of Bank-Client system;
  6. Proximity to office location;
  7. Possibility to receive credits;
  8. Possibility to use tax optimization schemes..

Thus, from the very begging it is necessary to determine your demands.

For solid companies, running a legal business in the Russian Federation, basic criteria are reliability and financial stability. Presence of these factors are of the most important after the crisis in 1998. Financial stability can be determined with use of different financial methods, consideration of annual accounting reports, and appraisal of joint assets volume.. And of course one of the criteria’s of reliability is professional management, which possesses links with government or local administration.

Notwithstanding facts mentioned above some companies prefer to choose banks that have cost-effective tariffs for bank services, attentiveness to Client’s business needs and proximity to the office location.

For choice of bank it is necessary to make a preliminary analysis of existing banks and their banking services by yourself or to get advice from the consultants.

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