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Staff records management


Staff records management

In accordance with legislation, each organization, not depending on organizational form, economic activity and quantity of operations, has to manage staff records. And very often companies in breach of law, pay minimum attention to the staff documents and their preparation. Such approach causes numerous problems between employers and employees.

Such things stand to reason that there are no systematic documents in legislation, which establish the full list of required documents, and most of the employers do not have enough time to manage staff records properly.

After deep analysis of the acts of the Labor Ministry, practice of courts and labor inspections, we suppose it is possible to divide staff records into two modules: mandatory and facultative.

Mandatory documents:

  1. Staff inventory list;
  2. Appointment order;
  3. Labor contract;
  4. Work regulations;
  5. Labor book;
  6. Book for inventory of labor books;
  7. Schedule of vacations;
  8. Provisions on labor payments;
  9. Provisions on awarding bonuses;
  10. Time sheet on working hours;
  11. Regulations on protection of personal data of employees;
  12. Personal card of employee.

Facultative documents:

  1. Personal record book of employee;
  2. Register of personal record books of employees;
  3. Provisions on department;
  4. Work permit.

Practice shows that lack of staff records may lead to the following risks:

  1. Serious conflicts between employers and employees
  2. Examination of documents from side of labor inspections. For initial breach of labor law there can be warning notice along with a penalty in the amount of 1000 MROT (minimum sizes of payments – for today approximately 10 000 rubles), which shall be paid by the CEO personally. For repeated breach of law the labor inspection may suspend company operations till improvement of the situation and/or also may file a suit against the CEO with demand for his removal.

Effective staff management enables one to control relationships between employer and employee, to establish main principals of corporate culture and to prevent risks, connected with inspections of state authorities..

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