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Accounting Services for Companies in CIS countries


Proper arrangement of accounting, clear definition of work methods, and application of licensed software – these are the cornerstones of successful and secure operation of your company. The level of auditability and transparency of accounting in your company and professional level of the specialists in charge of your accounting matters will determine your possibilities to forecast the feasibility of certain expenses, possibility to minimize the tax burden and develop the system of financial safety for your business. The current financial disciplines in many of CIS countries are so strict that in some cases it is more cots-efficient to pay twice for the accounting services than pay the penalties imposed by the government authorities.

The price of accounting support depends on the company’s field of activities, the amount of operations in the specialized accounting software 1C, as well as the system of taxation.

For convenience of the company management (CEO, members or shareholders) our specialists can prepare additional reports in a simplified form for their understanding (management reports).

Accounting for branch/representative offices in CIS countries can also be conducted in accordance with the Russian Accounting Standards (RAS).


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