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Preparation of legal opinions and contracts in accordance with the Law of CIS countries


Business dealing in any of CIS countries starts with clarification of legal regulations and preparation of contracts with business partners and employees. In this case information randomly found on the Internet will be of little help — what you need is qualitative information based on the active legal regulations and judicial practice. Preparation of legal opinions and detailed contracts is necessary for fulfillment of the following objectives:

  • elaboration of company development strategy and implementation of legally significant acts;
  • necessity of legal interpretation of a specific business situation;
  • minimization of risks for the purposes of business protection;
  • manifestation of overall business diligence in order to coordinate the legal requirements with the actual business practices adopted in a particular country.

In our company you can order two types of legal opinions:

  • General Legal Opinion. We’ve analyzed basic needs of the Clients at the start of certain business activities, and thus we can offer common legal opinions on various legal subjects >>
  • Individual Legal Opinion. The price of individual legal opinion is calculated basing on the complexity of the matters, as well as qualification level of a specialist whose work shall be estimated in accordance with applicable hourly rates.

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When preparing contracts, we also take into consideration the intensity of required elaboration of specific proposals, their assessment from the point of view of legal judicial practices in a particular country, and necessity to bring it in compliance with individual requirements of the Client or corporate code (complex legal support of the company on various legal matters arising in the course of its business activities). Retainer-based legal support is a mutually beneficial cooperation between our company and the Clients which enables us to create a platform for long-lasting relations based on trust and thus quickly resolve all the matters arising in the course of business activities due to better understanding of client objectives.

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