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Support of Enterprise (Operating Business) Purchase and Sale Transactions in CIS Countries


Are you interested in some business or enterprise as an integral property complex in the CIS for the purposes of strategic development?

Then you, as a purchaser, first of all will need an independent legal analysis (due diligence) of the assets you are offered to acquire. And you will obviously need consulting on the matters of transaction structuring and execution of proper documentation at all stages of purchase and sale transaction.

If you are a seller, in this case sale of business will require preparation of an investment memorandum. The key to a successful sale is an adequate presentation of the company or enterprise value based not only on financial data but also on professionally compiled and duly prepared legal documents which enable the purchaser to assess the validity of privatization, availability of licenses and permits required for business operation, sufficiency and validity of company’s incorporation documents and contracts, safety and sufficient formalization of relations with employees as well as other important business matters.

Our services for execution of successful transactions:

  • Legal analysis (due diligence);
  • Consulting on pre-sale preparation of the company or enterprise, assistance in investment memorandum drawing up.
  • Assistance in compilation and arrangement of all missing documents.

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