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Tax and investment consulting in Russia and CIS countries


One of the key matters you most likely would consider before establishing your company in any country is what taxes you will be obliged to pay, i.e. rates, payment terms, taxable base, and possibilities of certain tax minimization strategies application. We provide both general consulting on introduction of companies to the markets of CIS and Baltic countries along with associated investment documentation execution and assistance in handling general tax issues arising in the course of company operation.

Consulting may include:

  • responses to the questions on general taxation structure in this or that country;
  • clarifications on possibilities of various tax concessions and beneficial tax treatment;
  • clarifications on legal acts and effective tax and investment law;
  • consulting on development of accounting policy for tax purposes;
  • assessment of tax risks and consequences of various transactions and operations.

Normally, consulting is provided in written form in response to the Client’s order.

Types of Consulting:
Express Consulting (provision of short response without references to tax law);
Standard Consulting (provision of response to the questions, including references to applicable law and practical recommendations);
Expert Consulting (provision of detailed responses to the most complex and controversial questions of tax and accounting which require in-depth study and analysis based on the law and judicial practice).

The price is calculated out of payment on hour basis with due account of expertise of the specialist selected by the Client. Working languages: Russian, English.


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