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May the General Director of an LLC hold more than one job? (Russia)


May the General Director of LLC hold more than one job? (Russia)

In accordance with Article 32 and Article 40 of the Russian Federal Law on «Limited liability companies» #14-FZ, the General Director is the sole executive body of the company.

The order of the functioning of the sole executive body of the company and of its decision-making is established by the company’s charter, internal documents, and also by the agreement concluded between the company and the person who discharges the functions of its sole executive body.

The Labour Code of the Russian Federation establishes that the General Director of the company may hold paid positions in other organizations only with the consent of the authorized body of the legal entity, owner of the organization’s property, or person (body) authorized by the owner.

To summarize, the General Director may have part-time work in another organization only  with preliminary permission.

In the event the General Director would like to combine several positions within the company — he also needs to receive such consent. But it is necessary to stress that in such cases he cannot fill the position in executive or controlling bodies of the company.


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