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What document may confirm the status of a tax resident of the Russian Federation and where to receive it?


Company operating in the Russian Federation and wishing to avoid double taxation in other countries may receive a Certificate of residence, which will confirm its tax residence status.

Such a certificate shall be issued by the Department of International Cooperation of the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation.

To obtain the above mentioned Certificate it’s necessary to collect the following documents:

1)      Declaration of residence;

2)      Copy of the Certificate of the Identification number of taxpayer;

3)      Copy of the Register Certificate and the Extract from The Unified State Register;

4)      Copy of the Charter of the Company;

5)      Copies of all the documents confirming the rights for receiving income on the territory of a foreign country.

6)      Copy of the services agreement on the return of VAT from a foreign country.

After submission of all documents it will be necessary to wait 30 working days for receipt of the Certificate.

The Certificate of residence is valid for a 1 year period.


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