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Contract law


Contract law

Alps & Chase specialists prepare commercial contracts considering all possible tax, accounting, currency and customs consequences of commercial deals, finding efficient solutions for all the clients’ business needs.

Alps & Chase specialists believe that all business transactions have to be transparent and protected; consequences of such transactions have to be predicted and fully controlled.

According to statistical records of the Courts, the main problems encountered by investors arise when:

  1. There is no clear understanding of the subject of the contract;
  2. Parties do not pay attention to all legal, tax, accounting and customs consequences of a commercial transaction;
  3. The contract is prepared incorrectly or does not have required registration.

We provide our clients with a complete understanding of legal requirements and strive to eliminate any ambiguous interpretations.

Correspondingly, we offer the following services:

  • Contract drafting;
  • Legal examination of contracts;
  • Legal support during negotiating stage;
  • Consulting on contract implementation;
  • Structuring of international transactions.

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