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Corporate registration


Corporate registration

The registration of your own company in the Russian Federation (CIS countries) or participation in a joint venture provides the following advantages:

  • increases the trust of your potential partners and clients;
  • enables close control on financial and marketing issues;
  • facilitates better understanding of the business environment and robust reaction to market demands.

We can offer you a turn-key company registration package and provide you with professional advice on every aspect of establishing and operating your business venture ranging from a one-time consultation to day-to-day legal assistance.

We can to assist you with the registration of your business within the following territories:

Alps & Chase professionals can help you not only with registration of commercial organizations (LLC; JSC; Bank), but also with registration of non-commercial organizations.

Moreover, we provide our Clients with services on amending founding documents:

  • appointing a new General Director;
  • selling or purchasing a company;
  • changing company and legal address;
  • increase/decrease of the charter capital.

We guarantee that the registration will be conducted in a professional, reliable and cost-effectivemanner.

General information on organizational forms

The most popular forms of company registration in Russia and almost all of the CIS countries are Limited Liability Company (LLC) and Joint Stock Company (public and private JSC).



Limited liability company is a company founded by one or several persons, whose charter capital is divided into shares of specific nomination as determined by the foundation documents. Participants in a limited liability company are not liable for the company obligations and assume the risk of losses associated with the activities of the company only to the extent of the value of their invested contributions.


JSC (open; closed)

A joint stock company whose participants may divest themselves of shares they own without consent of other shareholders is an open joint stock company. Such a joint stock company has the right to conduct open subscription for the shares issued and their free sale on conditions set forth by the law and other legal acts.

A joint stock company whose shares are distributed only among its founders or some other previously defined circle of people is a closed joint stock company. Such a company does not have the right to conduct open subscription for the shares issued, or offer shares for acquisition by the general public through some other means.


Also, it is possible to register a Representative office or Branch office of your company, which in general are not legal entities, but have some tax and customs advantages.

Representative office

A representative office is a physically separated subdivision of a legal entity located away from its headquarters, which represents and protects the interests of a legal entity.

Branch office

A branch office is a physically separated subdivision of a legal entity, located away from its headquarters and performing all of its functions or part thereof (including commercial activity), including the functions of representation.


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