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Capital: Tallinn
Population: 1.324.000
Currency: Estonian Kroon. Euro as of 2011
President:Toomas Hendrik Ilves


Personal income tax: 21%.
Corporate income tax: no tax on undistributed profits, 21/79 on distributed profits and dividend.
Exchange restrictions: None.
Tax treaties: Yes.

Share capital

Permitted currencies: EEK.
Minimum authorized capital: 400,000 EEK — AS, 40,000 EEK — OU.
Minimum share issue: 1.

Type of Entity

Shelf companies: AS. OU.
Timescale for new entities: 3-4 weeks.
Annual fees: Varies.


Minimum number: 3
Residency requirements: Some EU residency requirements exists for the management board membership.
Corporate directors: Allowed
Meetings/frequency: Yearly.


Disclosure Varies.
Bearer shares No.
Minimum number  One
Public share registry Exists for AS.
Meetings/frequency Yearly.


Annual return Required.
Audit requirements For AS and for OU with over 400,000 EEK capital.


Registered office: Yes
Domicile issues Non.
Cоmрапу naming restrictions Yes.

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