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Capital: St Peter Port
Population: 60,000
Currency: Pound Sterling
President:Peter Walker

Personal income tax:
Corporate income tax:  No tax as standard, except banks which are levied at 10% on their regulated business. Investment funds can still apply to be exempt companies.
Exchange restrictions:  None.
Tax treaties:
  34 treaties in force.

Share capital

Permitted currencies: Any.
Minimum authorized capital:  No minimum. Minimum share issue One.

Type of entity

Shelf companies: No but standard memorandum and articles of association available.
Timescale for new entities 1 day maximum.
Incorporation fees:  Fee dependent on speed of incorporation.
Annual fees:  Annual validation fee dependent on type of company.


Minimum number: One.
Residency requirements: None unless company is carrying out a regulated activity.
Corporate directors: Yes.
Meetings/frequency: None.


Disclosure: Yes.
Bearer shares: No.
Minimum number: One.
Public share registry: No.
Meetings / frequency: Not required.


Annual return: No annual submission of accounts required.
Audit requirements: Yes, although exemption of a broad nature is available.


Registered office: Yes.
Domicile issues: None.
Company naming restrictions: Yes, on the use of certain words and names already in use.

During 2008 Guernsey introduced a new Companies Law and modernized Company Registry. Therefore information above represents the arrangements as they came into place in 2008.

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