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Hong Kong

Flag of Hong Kong.svg

Capital: Hong Kong
Population: 7 003 700
Currency: Hong Kong dollar (HKD)
President: CY Leung


Personal income tax: 15% (max)
Corporate income tax: 16.5%.
Exchange restrictions: None.
Tax treaties: PRC, Belgium, Thailand, Luxembourg

Share capital

Permitted currencies: All
Minimum authorized capital: US$1.
Minimum share issue: US$1.

Type of entity

Shelf companies: Yes.
Timescale for new entities: Six working days.
Annual fees: Yes


Minimum number: One.
Residency requirements: Nil.
Corporate directors: Yes (for private groups).
Meetings/frequency: Nil.


Disclosure: Listed companies only.
Bearer shares: No.
Minimum number: Two.
Public share registry: No.
Meetings / frequency: One per year.


Annual return: Yes.
Audit requirements: Yes.


Registered office: In Hong Kong
Domicile issues: Nil.
Company naming restrictions: Nil.

Hong Kong

  • Hong Kong companies are required to renew their registration on the anniversary of the incorporation of each company.
  • The Registrar allows a grace period of 42 days where no penalties are assessed for late payment.
  • Failure to meet the above deadline will result in the Registrar staring to strike your company off the register. Please note that it is also a criminal offence not to file an annual return on time.

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